Start-up and scale-up pension program

Most Dutch employers offer pension schemes, albeit with a great variety in plans. In the event a start-up/scale up company is not required to provide a mandatory pension plan to employees within the framework of an industry wise pension fund (BPF), a company group pension plan can be offered.

In most cases, registration with the Dutch chamber of commerce is not required to begin setting up a pension plan.

Outlined here are two options: A minimum pension scheme and a maximum pension scheme.

In either case, an employee contribution may be part of the pension plan. Please note: Any other plan within this framework is possible, taking into account legal and tax regulations, as well as provider specifics.

HARPER can assist any company in setting up, maintaining, and monitoring multinational pooling programs. This ensures a company will have maximum benefits (dividends) from its international Group Pension footprint.  

Minimum plan

Maximum plan

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